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Our Core Values

At Whitestone Software, we consider ourselves a reliable startup with big ambitions.

We uniquely disrupt and improve industries with the support of a large global organisation by our side. We started with a team of experts from different domains who brought together more than 10 years of experience to establish Whitestone Software.

We have since built a diverse team of people who combine their original voices and imagination to develop reliable digital solutions that are trusted globally. 

Our vast knowledge of varying cultures and markets helps us turn novel ideas into enthralling online entertainment experiences.

We continually improve ourselves and the value of our clients through six core K.A.I.Z.E.N. values that inspire us to achieve this goal:


We never stop learning. We encourage inquisitiveness and inventiveness to make sure even our most experienced team members sharpen their professional skills and achieve personal growth.



We are committed to answering the call of duty and taking ownership for the decisions we make as a team or as individuals.



Every team member takes accountability one step further by standing for honesty and consistency of behaviour. We choose to do what is right, not what is convenient by staying true to our core values and principles.



Delivering masterful solutions doesn’t have to be stressful. We collaborate using a reflective philosophy to find the most intuitive solutions that simplify the complex nature of our work.



We appreciate entertainment of all shapes and forms to inspire creative products. If you have a unique interest or a quirky idea, we encourage you to bring it to the table. Our environment is dynamic and vibrant to bring out your passions and enjoy your work.



We all share the stage at Whitestone. Our people impart their diverse knowledge to support, encourage and coach each other to achieve a shared success.

Looking for a new challenge?

We have ambitious plans for the future if you are looking for a worthy mission. Get in touch today to start your journey with Whitestone Software.

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